I love to hear from you, So if you pop on by, please leave a comment.

I love to hear from you, So if you pop on by, please leave a comment.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Legoland Hotel, Windsor

One of the perks of my "proper" job, working for Waitrose, is the partnership leisure benefits. These range from cheap holidays at their hotels & lodges, to a sailing club. They regulary put on special events for us too. 

We have just returned from a great stay at Legoland which was very heavily subsidised, with the park staying open hours after the general public left. 

The children had a great time. We watched a pirate stunt show & got soaked on the water rides. My son especially enjoyed spending his birthday money in the big Lego shop.

John Lewis also arranged a great deal if we wanted to stay at the new Legoland Resort Hotel. (which of course, we did!)

The hotel was A M A Z I N G!
You are greated by a huge fire breathing dragon, and whilst checking in, the children can play in a pit of Lego.

We stayed in a standard pirate room.  The rooms layouts 
are very well thought out. The adults have their room, then there is a lovely bathroom & behind that the kids have their own room, with bunk beds &
their own TV. 

On arrival, there is a treasure hunt for the children to do. The answers to which opens the combination to the monkeys safe. Inside there was a pack of Lego for each of the children!

There is Lego for the children to play with every where. In the bedrooms, in the foyer, in the restaurant & Lego models adorn the walls. 
The kids bedr
Each floor is themed: Pirate, Kingdom (castles, knights) & Adventure (think Indiana Jones.)

There is also a swim/ 
splash zone, which we didn't get a chance to visit.

The Lifts on the pirate floor.
We ate  a fabulous breakfast in the restaurant. Every breakfast food you could imagine & more beside.

As expected, food & drink in the park is very expensive, but we were prepared for this & brought our own drinks.

All in all - great fun!

Atlantis: Ride a Lego submarine through an aquarium.

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